Meiers Signs creates and manufactures all types of custom interior and exterior signage including way finding signs, lighted signs, LED electronic message signs, pylon signs, neon signs, LED / neon channel letters, monument signs, wall signs, dimensional signs and awnings.

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* Architectual Signs * Flag Poles / Lot Lights * Interior / Directional Signs
* Awnings * Free Standing Signs * LED / Neon / Channel Letter
* Billboards * Gas Island Canopies * Readerboards
* Electronic Message Centers    * Installation / Service             * Wall Signs


* Design * Fabrication * Site Surveys
* Consultation                           * Installation * Sign Moves / Relocate
* Electrical Hookup * Permitting                            * Placement / Height Advice
* Engineering * Re-Imaging * Upgrades / Add-on Signage


Alumalite is a strong, aluminum composite metal sign panel with a high density, copolymer corrugated plastic core. Alumalite has two sheets of aluminum permanently bonded to both sides of a corrugated plastic core, sandwiching the plastic panel in between.

The aluminum sides provide rigidity and durability to the sign, while the fluted plastic core makes Alumalite a very lightweight sign panel. It will not swell or corrode from the inside which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor applications. Available in the sign industry primarily for outdoor use, custom alumalite signs  feature a factory aluminum baked on high gloss finish to warrant against cracking, chipping, flaking or peeling. 

Flex Face Material
This is a very strong material that can be stretched onto large sign cabinets and used as the face of a sign. Graphics can be added with  vinyl.

Lexan is similar to Plexiglas, but is much more durable and has good resistance to the sun and other harmful environmental conditions. It comes in either clear or white and is most commonly used for letter faces or sign faces of 50 square feet or less.

Plexiglas ("Plex")
Plexiglas comes in many different colors and can be used in several different situations. Most commonly it’s used as the face covering a channel letter can.

Vinyl is a user-friendly material with a quality appearance used to decorate sign faces. Vinyl can also create artistic or complicated graphics that cannot be produced with paint. It is available in many different colors.